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Category: Rock
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The credo of the Power Pop Show is simple: bring quality, melodically-driven rock to people who enjoy music. The increased supp...

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February 12, 2021 06:57 PM PST

THE STAN LAURELS – Florida Man (There is No Light Without the Dark)
THE FLOWERS – You Don’t Say (single)
ALVVAYS – Plimsoll Punks (Antisocialites)
BLONDES – Coming of Age (single)
FARRINGTON – Anatomic (Saturday in Nowhereland)
REDD KROSS – Beyond the Door (Beyond the Door)
JEFF WHALEN – The Alien Lanes (Ten More Rock Superhits)
TV EYES – Stop Me (Softcore)
THE PINK SPIDERS – Little Razorblade (single)
SPOON – DO You (They Want My Soul)
JOE GIDDINGS – Tin Foil Crush (Better From Here)
SILVER SUN – Over Me At All? (Switzerland)
DRONEYARD – Kaleidoscope
GUIDED BY VOICES – To Keep an Area (Mirrored Aztec)
ROLLING BLACKOUTS CF – Cameo (Sideways to New Italy)
OK GO – The Writing’s On The Wall (Upside Out EP)
RYAN ALLEN – Look In My Eyes (What a Rip)
ONESIE – Karaoke Killers (Best Practices)
PLASTIC PENNY – She Does (single)
MIRACLE GLASS COMPANY – Higher Than High (Mgc 1)
THE RESONARS – Before You’re Gone (No Exit)
THE EXPLORERS CLUB – Love So Fine (Originals Album)
MARSHALL HOLLAND – Don’t Do it (Paper Airplane)
THE RED FENCES – King of No Tomorrow (The California Sea)
SOMERDALE – The News (Shake It Maggie)
BROTHERS IN STEREO – The Worst Crowd (s/t)
MATTHEW SWEET – Stars Explode (Cat’s Paw)
PAUL MELANCON – Permanent Makeup (Get Gos Action Hour)
CLIFF HILLIS – Let’s Pretend (Life Gets Strange EP)
DAVEY LANE – You Were a Mirage (Don’t Bank Your Heart On it)
MY LIFE STORY – Taking on the World (World Citizen)
THE STAN LAURELS – Tomorrow (There is No Light Without the Dark)

February 05, 2021 04:52 PM PST

TEENAGE JOANS – Something About Being Sixteen (single)
SEAWAY – Brain in a Jar (Big Vibe)
ROLLING BLACKOUTS CF – Falling Thunder (Sideways to New Italy)
THE BETHS – Do You Want Me Now (Jump Rope Gazers)
THE STAN LAURELS – Of Love, Wine & Song (There is No Light Without the Dark)
TERRY VS. TORI – Ohio Blue Tips (Keepsake Box)
GRETCHEN’S WHEEL – Shapeshifters (Such Open Sky)
TRIP WIRE – Katie Says (Spite House EP)
RYAN ALLEN – On My Mind (What a Rip)
YOUNG GUV – Maybe I Should Luv Somebody Else (single)
EMPEROR PENGUIN – False Prophet (Corporation Pop!)
GOLD NEEDLES – Billy Liar (What’s Tomorrow Ever Done For You?)
MATTHEW SWEET – No Surprise (Cat’s Paw)
VAPOUR TRAILS – Underneath Tomorrow (Underneath Tomorrow EP)
JOE BENOIT – Lucky Man (What Kind of World)
ZACH JONES – Up & Down Blue (Be Nice)
THE LEMON TWIGS – Live in Favor of Tomorrow (Songs for the General Public)
DRONEYARD – All Right (Reversion Therapy)
ORANGER – Going Under (Shutdown the Sun)
TAMAR BERK – Better Off Meditating (single)
COACH PARTY – Can’t Talk, Won’t (single)
HAYLEY MARY – The Chain (single)
SLOAN – Girl in a Case (Twice Removed bonus)
OLD 97s – Turn of the TV (Twelfth)
HUSBANDS – Culebra (After the Gold Rush Party)
GUIDED BY VOICES – Endless Seafood (Styles We Paid For)
TEENAGE FANCLUB – I’m More Inclined (Endless Arcade)
FARRINGTON79 – Blue (Pictures of Pretty Things)
SURFER BLOOD – Karen (Carefree Theatre)
CREATURE FEAR – Barely Alive (single)
THE BUZZ – Girl (Cut Loose)

January 29, 2021 04:46 PM PST

BLEU – Golden Child (single)
THE MYLARS – Magic (single)
THE STAN LAURELS – Tomorrow (There is No Light Without the Dark)
MATTHEW SWEET – Give a Little (Cat’s Paw)
CUB SCOUT BOWLING PINS – Funnel Cake Museum (s/t)
TUNS – My Memories (Duly Noted)
OPEN SOUND – You’re So Fine (s/t)
EDISON LIGHTS – Where to Begin (Find Some Light EP)
EMPEROR PENGUIN – Oh Helena (Barbed Wire & Brass EP)
TEENAGE FANCLUB – I’m More Inclined (Endless Arcade)
EL GOODO – In a Daze One Sunday Morning (Zombie)
EXPLORERS CLUB – Ruby (The Originals Album)
VAPOUR TRAILS – Good Morning Maudlin Town (Underneath Tomorrow EP)
BESNARD LAKES – Feuds With Guns (Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings)
THE BLACK WATCH - Green Stars, Clouds Departing (Fromthing Somethat)
RYAN ALLEN – Get to the Gig (What a Rip)
40 WATT MOON – Drive (Ghost From a Stone)
JOE BENOIT – Hanging By a Thread (What Kind of World)
NEIL STURGEON & THE INFOMANIACS – Break Me (Geography & Luck)
BRIAN BRINGLESON – The Deep Dark Truth (Desperate Days)
DANNY WILKERSON – One of a Kind (single)
DRONEYARD – White Noise (Reversion Therapy)
FOREIGN FILMS – Ocean Moon (Ocean Moon)
GOSPELBEACH – I’m So High (Let It Burn)
DIAMOND HANDS – Sleep Too Long (III)
BEBOPALULA – The Charmer (s/t)
JIM BASNIGHT - Rebel Kind (Jokers Idols & Misfits)
GENTLEMEN ROGUES – Do The Resurrection! (single)
MOM – I Want You to Feel What I Feel (Pleasure Island)
THE AIRPORT 77s – Bad Mom! (Rotation)
COACH PARTY – Really OK on My Own (single)

January 22, 2021 06:27 PM PST

MATTHEW SWEET – Stars Explode (Cat’s Paw)
PAUL MELANCON – Permanent Makeup (Get Go’s Action Hour)
VAPOUR TRAILS – Tommy’s Tune (Underneath Tomorrow EP)
EL GOODOO – I Can’t Leave (Zombie)
JUNIOR LEAGUE – Through With Me (Fall Back)
CLIFF HILLIS – Life Gets Strange (Life Gets Strange EP)
TUNS – My Memories (Duly Noted)
HUSBANDS – Narc in a Melvin’s Tee (After The Gold Rush Party)
ROLLING BLACKOUTS CF – She’s There (Sideways to New Italy)
LUCY & THE RATS – Sorry (Got Lucky)
FLOSSY – The Mess You Made (single)
COACH PARTY – Can’t Talk, Won’t (single)
40 WATT MOON – Venus and Mars (Ghost From a Stone)
MIDNIGHT CALLERS – State of Me (Red Letter Glow)
RICHARD TURGEON – Let’s Take a Drive (single)
JOE BENOIT – Lucky Man (What Kind of World)
SEMISONIC – Basement Tapes (You’re Not Alone EP)
SEAWAY – Sweet Sugar (Big Vibe)
BLONDES – Coming of Age (single)
HIDEOUS TOWNS – Lion (Disquiet Living)
TERRY vs. TORI – Chambre (Heathers)
SPINN – Notice Me (s/t)
CADDY – If I Call Your Name (Detours and Dead Ends Vol 1)
KEN SHARP – Liquid Mercury (single)
OPEN SOUND – Spotlight Smile (s/t)
DENT MAY – Easier Said Than Done (Late Checkout)
LUNAR LAUGH – By The Light of the Living Room (Goodnight Noises Everywhere)
BROTHERS STEVE – Beat City (Action Now: 20/20 Tribute)
THE AIRPORT 77s – Make It Happen (Rotation)
THE BUZZ – Surrender (Cut Loose)
LOSER – Upside Down (single)
FOXYCONTIN – It’s Starting to Show (This Time You’re on Your Own)
HAYLEY MARY – The Chain (single)

January 15, 2021 04:54 PM PST

HAZEY JANES – Girl in the Night (The Winter That Was)
SLOAN – Carried Away (The Commonwealth)
GUSTER – Architects & Engineers (Easy Wonderful)
RABBIT – Good Thing (Connect the Dots)
THE ATTIC LIGHTS – Summer’s Coming Back (Say You Love Me)
GRAPES OF WRATH – Isn’t There (The High Road)
BRANDON WILDE – So Glad To Meet You (Hearts in Stero)
THE RALLIES – All Of Us (single)
YOUTH GROUP – Sorry (Casino Twilight Dogs)
EVIL ARROWS – Staring Into Space (4)
THE SEE SEE – Gold and Honey (single)
DERBY – Streetlight (Posters Fade)
PUGWASH – Kicking & Screaming (Play This Intimately)
JASON FALKNER – Lost Myself (Bliss Descending EP)
NADA SURF – Electrocution (If I Had a Hi-Fi)
ORANJULY – Her Camera (s/t)
EYELIDS – Slow It Goes (single)
EZTV – That’s Where You Belong (Calling Out)
BLIZZARD OF ‘05 – Freak Me Out (s/t)
SUGAR STEMS – If You Want Me To (Sweet Sounds Of)
CHARLIE WATTS RIOTS – Bottom (A Break in the Weather)
IMPERIAL STATE ELECRIC – Sheltered in the Sand (Pop War)
FREE ENERGY – Hold You Close (Love Signs)
THE LONGSHOT – Love Is For Losers (Love is For Losers)
MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK – Calling All Cops (Even If It Kills Me)
VIEW OF EARTH FROM THE MOON – A Thousand Miles Apart (Closer to a Ghost)
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – Crash Year (Together)
THE MITES – My Only (Bellows EP)
CUT COPY – Where I’m Going (Cut Copy)
APEX MANOR – Under The Gun (A Year of Magical Drinking)
SPOON – Sister Jack (Gimme Fiction)
CABANA WEAR – Get Well (s/t)

January 08, 2021 05:44 PM PST

CUB SCOUTS BOWLING PIN – Heaven Beats Iowa (single)
GRIDDLE – The Public Eye (single)
ROLLING BLACKOUTS CF – She’s There (Sideways to New Italy)
HERZOG – Fiction Writer (Fiction Writer)
SEAWAY – Brain in a Jar (Big Vibe)
FOXYCONTIN – The Whole World Knows (This Time You’re on Your Own)
MOM – Don’t Leave With My Heart (Pleasure Island)
POP CO-OP – Yellow Pills (Action Now: 20/20 Tribute)
THE STAN LAURELS – Florida Man (single)
PAUL MELANCON – Fitzcarraldo (The Get Gos Action Hour)
DANIEL ROMANO – Half Moon (White Flag)
BRIAN BRINGLESON – Losing Train of Thought (Desperate Days)
GENTLEMEN ROGUES – Do The Resurrection (single)
VEGAS WITH RANDLOPH – Howl at the Moon (single)
HAYLEY MARY – The Chain (single)
AMERICAN PROFESSIONALS – This Just Won’t Do (single)
PHIL HENDRIKS – Love Me Always (single)
BLONDES – Coming of Age (single)
TERRY VS. TORI – Chambre (Keepsake Box)
SAD DAY FOR PUPPETS – Marble Gods (Unknown Colors)
BESNARD LAKES – Feuds With Guns (Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings)
PEEL DREAM MAGAZINE – New Culture (Moral Panics EP)
JETSTREAM PONY – I Close My Eyes (s/t)
THE PINK TILES – Time For Love (#1 Fan)
HUSBANDS – Manhorse (After The Gold Rush Party)
LATITUDE – I Love The Radio (Mystic Hotline)
SURFER BLOOD – Uneasy Rider (Carefree Theatre)
THE BLACK WATCH – Drip, Drip, Drip (Fromthing Somethat)
MAJOR LEAGUES – Teen Mums (single)
DAVE CARUSO – Little Miss Sunshine (Radiophonic Supersonic)

December 31, 2020 04:11 PM PST

An annual tradition on the Power Pop Show, the 'Best Of...' podcast counts down the top power pop albums of the past year!! And what a year it was!

Who made the cut??.......listen and find out!

December 18, 2020 06:03 PM PST

CLIFF HILLIS – Merry Xmas Everybody
THE BROTHERS STEVE – I Love The Christmastime
MAPLE MARS - Christmastime In the City
REDD KROSS – Super Sunny Christmas
DAVID WOODARD – Waiting For Christmas
SOMERDALE – Merry Christmas Time
SHOES – This Christmas
THE LEEVEES – How Do You Spell Channukkahh?
BLEU – Snow Day
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE – I Want an Alien For Christmas
TROLLEY – Christmas in the Marketplace
MATERIAL ISSUE – Merry Christmas Will Do
THE JAC – Won’t Be Leaving Home for Christmas
NICK FRATER – Christmas is Canceled
CHEAP TRICK – Run Rudolph Run
GREG POPE – It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
SHAKE SOME ACTON – Christmas in the Sun
LISA MYCHOLS – Ringing Bells
JIGSAW SEEN – Candy Cane
RICK & KAYLA – Jingle Bells Covid Smells
THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT – Will You Still Believe in Me
THE HANGABOUTS – Colors of Christmas
THE GRIP WEEDS “Christmas Dream”
THE POSIES - Christmas
THE JUNIOR LEAGUE – Holiday Bouquet
SENTINEL – I’ll Be Home For Christmas
THE RAVEONETTES – The Christmas Song
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC – Christmas at Ground Zero

February 02, 2018 04:52 PM PST

The Power Pop Show celebrates 20 years on the air this month! Check out this special broadcast as we reminisce with some current and former KSCU DJs, relive special show highlights, and spin some of the best power pop albums of the past 20 years!

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