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The credo of the Power Pop Show is simple: bring quality, melodically-driven rock to people who enjoy music. The increased supp...

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January 17, 2020 02:49 PM PST

GOODMAN "Shallow (Completely Shallow)" from The Era of Buckets 2019
NADA SURF "So Much Love" from Never Not Together 2020
MERCY UNION "Totem" from II - Single 2019
JIMMY EAT WORLD "Diamond" from Surviving 2019
THE LOLAS "Oceans of the Moon" from Bulletproof 2019
BRYAN ESTEPA "I'm Not Ready for This" from Sometimes I Just Don't Know 2019
FREDERICK JULIUS "Summer Camp" from Fixers & Elixirs 2019
BRYAN SCARY "Birdy" from Birds 2019
BLEACHED "Somebody Dial 911" from Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough? 2019
MACSEAL "Lucky for Some" from Super Enthusiast 2019
GUIDED BY VOICES "Volcano" from Surrender Your Poppy Field 2020
RICHARD TURGEON "Running For Your Life" from Single 2020
FARRINGTON79 "Run For Your Life" from Pictures of Pretty Things 2019
JORDAN JONES "Wrote You a Song for Me" from Jordan Jones 2019
TROLLEY "I'll Never Tell" from I'll Never Tell - Single 2019
EMPEROR PENGUIN "You'll Be the Death of Me" from Soak Up the Gravy 2020
FASTBALL "Friend or Foe" from The Help Machine 2019
MINKY STARSHINE "Go!" from Dirty Electric 2018
THE GRIP WEEDS "Infinite Soul" from Giant On the Beach 2013
CITY MAZE "Heavy Heart" from Heavy Heart - EP 2019
THE WEEKLINGS "3" from 3 2020
STEVEN BRADLEY "Pre-Emptive Strike" from Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears 2019
ROB MARTINEZ "Summer Of Love" from Maybe Miss America 2020
ROOFTOP SCREAMERS "Our Lucky Night" from Single
POPULAR CREEPS "Out of My Head" from Bloodshot Red 2019
BIG QUIET "Interesting Times" from Interesting Times 2019
THE SEVEN & SIX "Dreaming With You" from Single 2019
MORE KICKS "She's a Reaction" from More Kicks 2019
THE DARKNESS "Live 'Til I Die" from Easter is Cancelled 2019

January 10, 2020 03:58 PM PST

Who made the cut this year??

Listen and find out! An annual tradition going back to the late 90s, the Power Pop Show's annual "Best Of..." broadcast counts down the top Power Pop Albums of 2019.

December 20, 2019 01:54 PM PST

LISA MYCHOLS "Ringing Bells on Christmas Day" from Single 2019
MAPLE MARS "Christmastime In the City" from Christmastime In the City - Single 2010
THE HANGABOUTS "Colors of Christmas" from Colors of Christmas - Single 2019
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE "I Want an Alien for Christmas" from Out-of-State Plates 2005
GREGORY PEPPER "Home Alone" from Single 2018
THE MORNING LINE "Santa's Song" from Single 2019
MATERIAL ISSUE "Merry Christmas Will Do" from Yuletunes Comp. 1991
REDD KROSS "Super Sunny Christmas" from Rodney on the Rock Presents Santa's Got a GTO, Vol. 2 1991
BAD RELIGION "Father Christmas" from Father Christmas - Single 2014
CHEAP TRICK "Run Rudolph Run" from Christmas Christmas 2017
THE LEEVEES "How Do You Spell Hanukkah?" from Single 2006
THE JIGSAW SEEN "Candy Cane" from Winterland 2011
DAVID WOODARD "Waiting for Christmas" from Waiting For Christmas - Single 2018
CHRIS RIZA "I Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" from Single 2018
ORANGE "Christmas Sonic" from Single 2019
THE JAC "Christmas Without Maria" from Single 2016
TROLLEY "Christmas in the Marketplace" from Star of Wonder EP 2011
THE SPONGETONES "Christmas Boy" from Mersey Christmas 2008
THE BROTHERS STEVE "I Love Christmastime" from Single 2019
BLEU "Snow Day" from A Bing Bang Holiday 2006
COLOR TV "This Christmas" from This Christmas - Single 2016
SHE & HIM "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" from A Very She & Him Christmas 2011
THE DARKNESS "Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)" from A Merry Rockin' Christmas! 2017
SOMERDALE "Merry Christmas Time" from Arbor Christmas Collections 2016
THE SMITHEREENS "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer" from Alternative Rock X-Mas 2007
THE GRIP WEEDS "Christmas Dream" from Under the Influence of Christmas 2013
GREG POPE "Christmas Snow" from Single 2011
RICHARD X. HEYMAN "I Can't Wait" from I Can't Wait - Single 2013
POINTED STICKS "Power Pop Santa" from Christmas Single - Single 2012
SHOES "This Christmas" from This Christmas - Single 2010
THE DBs & FRIENDS "Christmas Time" from Christmas Time Agin 2014
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC "Christmas At Ground Zero" from Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1994

December 13, 2019 07:19 PM PST

THE CUDAS "Kids Want Hits" from Kids Want Hits - Single
JIMMY EAT WORLD "All the Way (Stay)" from Surviving
CADDY "Tornado" from Tornado - Single
WHITE REAPER "Might Be Right" from You Deserve Love
THE GLAD MACHINE "Virginia" from Virginia - Single
CASSETTES "American Movies" from Wild Heart
THE STAN LAURELS "Lost & Found" from Lost & Found - Single
COLOR TV "Anybody's Girl" from Anybody's Girl - Single
THE REFLECTORS "Teenage Hearts" from Teenage Hearts - Single
POTTY MOUTH "Plastic Paradise" from Snafu
SLUSH "Middle Name" from Single
DUNCAN REID & THE BIG HEADS "Baby Baby" from Single
MACSEAL "Always Hazy" from Super Enthusiast
DAVID BROOKINGS & THE AVERAGE LOOKINGS "I Grow up Fast" from Scorpio Monologue
GREEN BUZZARD "I Don’t Want To Be Alone" from I Don't Want To Be Alone - Single
DEAR BOY "Semester" from The Strawberry - EP
TWEN "Holy River" from Awestruck
HATCHIE "Not That Kind" from Keepsake
THE BETHS "Future Me Hates Me" from Future Me Hates Me
THE MUFFS "Late and Sorry" from No Holiday
GUIDED BY VOICES "Immortals" from Sweating the Plague
SUCCESSFUL FAILURES "Because We're Ghosts" from BENJAMIN R "I Quit" from Power Pop Prime (Vol 9)
THE GO ALL THE WAYS "Silly Girl" from Single
CAPER CLOWNS "Pockets" from The Buca Bus
ANC4 "So Good to Me" from ANC4
THE CLOUDS "Check Us Out" from Check Us Out - Single
WADE JOHNSON "When Will It End" from When Will It End - Single
DAVID WOODARD "We're Not Coming Back" from Everything in Between - EP
DAVID SCHRADER "Pup Tent" from As You Are So I Am
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "One Kind of Solomon" from In the Morse Code of Brake Lights

December 06, 2019 03:45 PM PST

PERNICE BROTHERS "Skinny Jeanne" from Spread The Feeling
BIG TIDE "Hide Me In Your Spaceship" from Sync or Swim
THE GOLDEN SEALS "Idiot Kid" from Something Isn't Happening
MACSEAL "Nothing's a Sure Thing, Shelly" from Super Enthusiast
COLOR TV "Anybody's Girl" from Anybody's Girl - Single
JIMMY EAT WORLD "Diamond" from Surviving
THE PERSIAN LEAPS "About Your Record" from Electrical Living
GUIDED BY VOICES "Street Party" from Sweating the Plague
CERTAIN STARS "Their Various Periscopes" from The Devil Made Whiskey
TODD HERFINDAL "Bound for the Sun" from Two Track Mind
THE JUNIOR LEAGUE "Falling in Love" from Adventureland
MORE KICKS "What a Mess You Make" from More Kicks
THE SEVEN & SIX "Dreaming Of You" from The Seven and Six EP
BAD MOVES "Cool Generator" from Tell No One
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "The Surprise Knock" from In the Morse Code of Brake Lights
McKEON "I Will Prove You Wrong" from McKeon
THE REFLECTORS "Teenage Hearts" from Big Stir Singles
KC BOWMAN "The Declaration" from Single
RICHARD TURGEON "Joelene" from Single
THE CONNELLS "Slackjawed" from Ring
SUPERCRUSH "I Can't Lie" from I Can't Lie / Walking Backwards - Single
VALLEY LODGE "I'm Your Man" from Fog Machine
MODERN LOVE CHILD "Golden Brown" from MLC
STATIC IN VERONA "The Loud Nothing" from The Loud Nothing
NICK FRATER "Your Latest Breakup Song" from Full Fathom Freight-Train
EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY "Another Day" from Building
MATTHEW MILIA "Alive at the Same Time" from Alone at St. Hugo
THE LAST BEES "Crusade" from The Last Bees - EP
NADA SURF "Something I Should Do" from Never Not Together
THE WELL WISHERS "Back Door" from The Lost Soundtrack
STARCRAWLER "She Gets Around" from Devour You

November 30, 2019 09:54 AM PST

WHITE REAPER "Hard Luck" from You Deserve Love
JIMMY EAT WORLD "Surviving" from Surviving
MORE KICKS "Ain't That Just the Way" from More Kicks
CADDY "Contagious" from Ten Times Four
MACSEAL "Lucky for Some" from Super Enthusiast
FUZZYSURF "Please Please Me Too" from Fuzzy & the Surfs
THE GOLDEN SEALS "Independence Day" from Something Isn't Happening
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile" from In the Morse Code of Brake Lights
HATCHIE "Sure" from Sure - Single
SPINN "Who You Are" from Spinn - EP
CROCODILES "Heart Like a Gun" from Love Is Here
CABANA WEAR "One Time in a Million" from Cabana Wear
GUIDED BY VOICES "Heavy Like the World" from Sweating the Plague
FOXHALL STACKS "The Reckoning" from The Coming Collapse
NICK FRATER "Sunshine After Rain" from Full Fathom Freight-Train
THE TOR GUIDES "Just a Smile" from Backwards In Reverse
NIGHT FLOWERS "Fortune Teller" from Fortune Teller
MOVING PANORAMAS "What Now" from In Two
THE GRIP WEEDS "I Believe" from Giant On the Beach
THE ANDERSON COUNCIL "Camden Town" from Worlds Collide
LISA MYCHOLS "Summertime Dream" from Above, Beyond and In Between
DAVE MOLTER "Tell Me That That You Love Me" from Foolish Heart EP
SLUMBERJET "Float" from World of Sound
MICHAEL CARPENTER "The Start of Being Alone" from The Start of Being Alone - Single
NICK PIUNTI & THE COMPLICATED MEN "All This Time" from All This Time - Single
THE TURNBACK "Five Days a Week" from Are We There Yet?
STAG "Pied Piper Blues" from Electric Mistress - EP
CERTAIN STARS "Maribel" from The Devil Made Whiskey
THE LEMONHEADS "The Great Big No" from Come on Feel
THE PERSIAN LEAPS "Sweet Nothings" from Electrical Living
YOUNG GUV "Patterns Prevail" from Guv I

November 15, 2019 04:00 PM PST

GLORITONE "Speed of Sound" from Cup Runneth Over 1998
LIARS INC. "After I Begin" from Superjaded 1998
SUMMERCAMP "Two Shades of Grey" from Pure Juice 1997
THE SEYMORES "Sicker Than You" from Treat Her Like a Show Cat 1998
TRINKET "Unbehaved" from Trinket 1999
NEVADA BACHELORS "White Caps" from Carrots & So On 1998
SILVER JET "Free To Roam" from Pull Me Up Drag Me Down 1997
RICH CREAMY PAINT "Telephone Number" from Rich Creamy Paint 1999
SWEET WATER "Feed Yourself" from Superfriends 1995
CARLOS "Bigger Teeth" from Bigger Teeth 1997
LAZLO BANE "Buttercup" from 11 Transistor 1997
CATHERINE "Saint" from Sorry! 1994
RED FIVE "Space" from Flash 1996
SPELL "Superstar" from Mississippi 1994
SHUGGIE "Good Drugs" from Shuggie 1999
THE CAVEDOGS "Leave Me Alone" from Joy Rides For Shut-Ins 1990
GRASS~SHOW "Illusion" from Single 1995
TWO POUND PLANET "One Time/Bop Apocalypse" from Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox 1993
POWER OF DREAMS "Stay" from Immigrants, Emigrants and Me 1990
THE MILLIONS "Sometimes" from M Is for Millions 1991
BEGGARS "Soul Shake" from Beggars 1995
THE SIGHS "Situations" from Different 1995
CRASH INTO JUNE "Nothing New" from From Blind to Blue 1999
WANDERLUST "I'm Not You" from Yellow Pills Vol. 4 1997
THE ROOKS "Reasons" from The Rooks 1993
THE DIGGERS "Nobody's Fool" from Mount Everest 1997
EGGSTONE "The Dog" from Somersault 1994
BEAGLE "The Things That We Say" from Sound On Sound 1992
SPECTACLE "Stargazing" from Glow In the Dark Soul 1998

November 08, 2019 03:33 PM PST

THE PERSIAN LEAPS "About Your Record" from Electrical Living
GUIDED BY VOICES "Unfun Glitz" from Sweating the Plague
BAD MOVES "Spirit FM" from Tell No One
ESTRA ARMS "No Enemies" from Up From Here
SLOAN "On the Horizon" from Navy Blues
TWEN "Damsel" from Awestruck
DEAR BOY "Anything at All" from The Strawberry - EP
RULER "Obvious" from Winning Star Champion
HATCHIE "Stay With Me" from Keepsake
WOLF ALICE "Freazy" from My Love Is Cool
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "Colossus of Rhodes" from In the Morse Code of Brake Lights
PERNICE BROTHERS "The Devil and the Jinn" from Spread The Feeling
SCOTT GAGNER "Two Guitars, Bass, And Drums" from Hummingbird Heart
McKEON "I Will Prove You Wrong" from McKeon
JACOB TURNBLOOM "Suncoast Digest" from Cemetery Luau
FOXHALL STACKS "The Old Me" from The Coming Collapse
WEEZER "Photograph" from Weezer (Green Album)
SUCCESSFUL FAILURES "Oh Diane" from Saratoga
NICK PIUNTI & THE COMPLICATED MEN "All This Time" from All This Time - Single
DAVE MOLTER "Foolish Heart" from Foolish Heart - Single
NICK FRATER "Strangers On the Bus" from Full Fathom Freight-Train
MATTHEW SWEET "Future Shock" from In Reverse
TREBLE CHARGER "More's the Pity" from Wide Awake Bored
BOB MOULD "Deep Karma Canyon" from Bob Mould (Hubcap)
THE TOR GUIDES "Just a Smile" from Backwards In Reverse
MAPLE MARS "Somewhere Back There" from Galaxyland
ANC4 "Easy Way Out" from ANC4
BIG TIDE "Wrong Number" from Sync or Swim
SPINN "Notice Me" from Spinn
THE MUFFS "On My Own" from No Holiday

October 25, 2019 03:44 PM PDT

EXTRA ARMS "Comes in Waves" from Up From Here 2019
REDD KROSS "When Do I Get to Sing "My Way"" from Beyond the Door 2008
THE MUFFS "No Holiday" from No Holiday 2019
FOXHALL STACKS "Top of the Pops" from The Coming Collapse 2019
THE WELL WISHERS "Back Door" from The Lost Soundtrack 2019
DONAHER "Before Anyone Else" from Before Anyone Else - Single 2019
ANC4 "Be Good to Me" from ANC4 2019
THE SEVEN & SIX "Strataplastic" from Single 2019
STARCRAWLER "No More Pennies" from Devour You 2019
SUCCESSFUL FAILURES "No White Knight in Knoxville" from Saratoga 2019
SLOAN "Out to Lunch" from Navy Blues 2019
GUIDED BY VOICES "Unfun Glitz" from Sweating the Plague 2019
DUDE YORK "Box" from Falling 2019
HATCHIE "Without a Blush" from Keepsake 2019
THE GOLDEN SEALS "Ball and Tether" from Something Isn't Happening 2019
BIG TIDE "Make a Baby" from Sync or Swim 2019
DAVID WOODARD "Nine Hundred Ninety Nine" from Everything in Between - EP 2019
PERNICE BROTHERS "Lullabye" from Spread The Feeling 2019
TWEN "Damsel" from Awestruck 2019
DEAR BOY "Limelight" from The Strawberry - EP 2019
DAVE MOLTER "Tell Me That You Love Me" from Single 2019
MODERN LOVE CHILD "Golden Brown" from MLC 2019
SLUMBERJET "Across the Divide" from World of Sound 2019
THE BOBBLEHEADS "Listen You Know" from Myths and Fables 2019
MICHAEL CARPENTER "The Start of Being Alone" from Single 2019
THE REMBRANDTS "Broken Toy" from Via Satellite 2019
STARBELLY "Lay Low" from Four 2018
WYATT FUNDERBURK "Love Will Lead the Way" from Novel and Profane 2013
GRETCHEN'S WHEEL "Stuck on You" from Stuck on You - Single 2019
HATCHIE "Sleep" from Sleep - Single 2018

May 03, 2019 04:13 PM PDT

TEENAGE FANCLUB "Star Sign" from Bandwagonesque
DINOSAUR JR. "The Wagon" from Green Mind
THE PIXIES "Alec Eiffel" from Trompe Le Monde
THROWING MUSES "Not Too Soon" from The Real Ramona
REDD KROSS "Annie's Gone" from 7" Single
VELVET CRUSH "Window to the World" from In the Presence of Greatness
MATTHEW SWEET "I've Been Waiting" from Girlfriend
RICHARD X. HEYMAN "Falling Away" from Hey Man!
THE MILLIONS "Sometimes" from M Is for Millions
THE PRIMITIVES "Lead Me Astray" from Galore
MATERIAL ISSUE "Renee Remains the Same" from International Pop Overthrow
THE SMITHEREENS "Now And Then" from Blow Up
TOAD THE WET SPROCKET "Is It For Me" from Fear
GRAPES OF WRATH "I Am Here" from These Days
DRIVIN N CRYIN "Around the Block Again" from Fly Me Courageous
ELEVENTH DREAM DAY "Rose of Jericho" from Lived to Tell
BAND OF SUSANS "Now Is Now" from The Word and the Flesh
MY BLOODY VALENTINE "Come In Alone" from Loveless
CATHERINE WHEEL "Shallow" from Ferment
THE CHARLATANS "Me In Time" from Me. In Time
THE CANDYSKINS "Submarine Song" from Space I'm In
BLUR "There's No Other Way" from Leisure
CHAPTERHOUSE "Falling Down" from Whirlpool
NED'S ATOMIC DUSTBIN "Nothing Like" from God Fodder
THE OCEAN BLUE "Ballerina Out of Control" from Cerulean
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Kiss Them For Me" from Superstition
LUSH "For Love" from For Love - EP
SAINT ETIENNE "Nothing Can Stop Us" from Foxbase Alpha
R.E.M. "Texarkana" from Out of Time

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